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Healing Multiple Sclerosis

Healing Multiple SclerosisFor those who may have seen Brandi talk about her journey on a recent television program. She wanted to give a message of encouragement and hope to those that might be dealing with similar health issues. And just so we are clear, Home for Health does not prescribe treatment or diagnose conditions and we acknowdledge God as the true source of healing.

My name is Brandi King, I am 43 years old. I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in 2004. My three blessings from God are Kensi, Britain and Layne. They have been very patient and loving to me through all the ups and downs with my health. My husband Kevin has been so supportive and I could not have gone through this journey with my health without him.

My life was very different before I came to Home for Health in February 2012. Simple tasks were not possible for me. Going to the grocery store was a major obstacle. Paying bills or talking with someone on the phone would make my thoughts and words leave me. My family would have to plan around my health because they knew I did not have the ability or strength to get through sports events or outings. I knew life was not suppose to be this way. And that God's plan for me was much greater. I also knew the medications I was taking for the migraines I was plagued with and to keep my MS under control was damaging my body.

Multiple Sclerosis CuredWe had met some friends who were using alternative methods for their health. To my surprise it was working for them. I was curious and I followed my friends health plan for a while. I did feel better, but I knew I should feel a lot better and I needed some guidance. I believed eating healthy and taking supplements was beneficial but I did not understand how to put it all together. I started searching on the interenet for help and found Home for Health. They were the best possible choice as they not only wanted to help with health but also the soul. Home for Health did not leave God out of the process. I loved that!!!

Multiple Sclerosis HealedSteve and Sue started to put the health puzzle together for me right away!!!! With the tools and knowledge I received at Home for Health I was able to bring home and continue to use. It is now a year later and I feel great!!I I feel like a new person and can function 100% as a wife and mother. As an added bonus I am now off all medications. This is the life God Intended for me to have so I can carry out His purpose for my life. Thank you Lord for guiding me to Home for Health. Thank you also to Steve and Sue for being obedient to our Lord and Saviour in laying down their lives so others can have the gift of health.

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